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My name is Rebecca. My roots are in the Caribbean, Dominica, and Antigua. I moved to Canada in the late 1990s. 

My late mother was a huge influence on my life’s journey. I remembered when I was a girl sitting on our veranda at home enjoying the fresh breeze blowing my mother’s hair from ear to ear.

She always had the biggest smile on her face when I combed her long wavy hair. That is one of my favourite memories of my mother. My mother had the most beautiful hair ever! Interesting enough, often she pulled back her hair in a bun and neatly tucked away.

Usually, she plaits her hair and covers her hair with the most appealing hair scarf. I felt it was a sense of grounding and protection for her. She was a rare soul, innocent, loving, and overfilled with nourishing energy.

At the age of six, I had to learn to say goodbye. I knew she was still here with me, I never felt any sense the feeling separation, she was right beside. She was guiding and protecting me. My mother is my Empress, a breath of fresh air, so virtuous and pure! The consciousness of her presence brings an abundance of happiness and peace in my heart.

Today, looking back, I am blessed to know the true impression she had and continues to have on my life. She has taught me to love and embrace myself from within my heart at a very young age and as the woman I am today.

My Vision

For over ten years I practice nursing, one of my many passions. Now I am on a path and a mission to fulfil my lift’s purpose. One of my life’s purposes is to help others and bring awareness to them. I have the mind of creating many unique ideas, where it involves helping others, is inspirational to my soul! I will continue to bring this excitement of fulfilment by helping women like myself who have textured hair. And want to embrace and care for their natural hair. 

For over thirteen years of being natural. I accomplished the struggles, the bewilderment, the frustrations, the regrets. Still, I am learning and growing every day, and I crave sharing my knowledge with others. With overflowing gratitude, I walk strong today in my glory. My glory to share my blessings with others in any way possible.


My Purpose 

I have an abundance of knowledge and experience to offer. And I want to share my personal hair journey by breaking down hair care in its simplest form. 

I created this blog to educate and bring awareness to women with textured, kinky, coily, curly, and wavy hair. And how to care and embrace their natural hair. Setting up and implementing the simplest healthy hair-care regimen by using the right hair products, techniques, tools, etc.

Inner peace is the secret to embrace your natural hair. Beauty starts from within you. Only you can shine your light and make it your truth!


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