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Top Hair Tools Every Natural Should Have

Choosing the right hair tools is important for your Natural Hair. Hair tools help to get the perfect look and durability to last. A natural hair regimen should consist of top safe hair tools.

Want to grow healthy long natural hair, right?

To grow and keep up with your healthy long hair. It is essential to invest in good quality hair tools. What is important is to know what’s good or what’s not good for your hair.

Here we go.


Spray Bottle/Mist Sprayer

A spray bottle is a MUST have for natural hair. Excellent for a daily moisturizing (water) and refreshing a hairstyle. Add half a teaspoon of leave-in conditioner and mist away!

Favourite: Naladoo Boutique Portable Hairdressing Spray Bottle

Wide-Tooth Comb

Combs is known for detangling, parting the hair and distribute hair products to the hair strands. 

Meet the intuitive Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Rake Comb. Gentle to the hair and the scalp because of the rounded, seamless polished teeth. I suggest detangling with the fingers first. Focus on the knots and tangles, then use the wide tooth-comb.

This wide-tooth comb is awesome and safer for detangling natural hair. It will change your life forever! 

No matter what the quality, remember to be extra gentle and handle your hair with care.

Do not get carried away!

Denman Brush

Denman brush is popular and known for detangling, smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair. I recommend the finger detangling/combing the hair before using this tool.

The Denman brush assists with clumping the curls when styling a wash and go.

Favourite: Derman Styling Brush, Heavyweight, 9 Row

Edge Control Brush

An edge control brush is perfect for taming and smoothing your edges, baby hairs and flyaway hairs into a frizz-free style. Use an edge brush that has fine bristles. Be gentle! Work your fingers on the edges for more smoothing.

Favourite: Camryn’s BBF Gentle Edges Brush

Hair Pik

Hair pik is fantastic to achieve the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. Great for fluffing and shaping hairstyles for more volume. Plastic pik is gentler on the hair and scalp.  

The wrong tool and or technique can cause harm to the hair. Be extra careful when using one. Stroke slowly and only in the roots. Use your finger to get as much volume before using the pik.

My favourite is the Annie double-wide plastic Seamless Pik. The plastic wide teeth are round, which is easier on the hair which reduces the chance of breakage. Safer and more effective than metal hair picks. 

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

A scalp massaging brush is great getting rid of dead skin cells, product build-up, and dirt. A scalp massage stimulates the scalp, increasing blood circulation. Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Favourite: Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Hair Catcher

All naturals should have a hair catcher in their shower. You do not have to clog your drain on wash days. A hair stopper fits snug inside your shower drain, gathering the hair from going down the drain.

Buy one!

No excuses! Save yourself the unnecessary drama! Remember to have your hair catcher with you on vacation.

Favourite: TubShroom Hair Catcher

Cutting Tool

Professional hair cutting shear is fundamental for maintaining healthy hair and retaining length. Trimming your ends keep your hair healthy as it grows. Stay away from household scissors invest in a proper salon-quality, shear.

Shears should ONLY be used on hair! Nothing else! Okay? 

Favourite: Professional Barber/Salon Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears

Croc Clips

Croc clips help to section and hold large amounts of hair making it easier to manage when cleansing, cutting and styling your natural hair. I suggest working in four sections: easier to detangle and less stress on the hair.

Favourite: Minalo 6 pcs Plastic Alligator Hair Clips 

Ouchless Hair Ties

Ouchless hair ties are ideal for hairstyles like ponytails, top knots, braids and more. No-metal hair bands won’t snag or pull your hair. It is important not to tie your hair-ties too tight to avoid breakages.

Favourite: Snappee and Goody Hair Ties 

Plastic Shower Cap/Cling Wrap

Plastic cap/cling wrap is ideal for holding moisture as you deep condition/hot oil treat your hair. Make sure the cling wrap is BPA-Free.

Favourite: Diane Hair Processing Cap

Satin Pillowcase

Night hair-care is essential for our natural hair. Materials like cotton pull the moisture out of the hair.

A satin pillowcase protects your hair from friction, damage, or breakage while you sleep. It keeps the moisture and the natural oils in your hair. It is great for sensitive skin.

Favourite: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase.

Head Wrap/Satin Scarf

Every natural should have at least one or two head wraps on standby. Headwraps are fashionable. They are available in many colours, sizes, and patterns to choose from making it easier to wear.

Headwraps are grounding; they give me a sense of protection. The head wraps come in handy to cover an old hairstyle. Remember to wear a satin scarf under your non-satin head wrap to prevent dryness and breakage. Cotton sucks out the moisture out of the hair. 

Shop Amazon and Etsy for Headwraps

Microfiber Towel

Using a regular bath towel is not the best for your natural hair. It invites the frizz, friction and dries the hair moisture, which can lead to dryness and breakage.

Instead, use a microfiber towel.

A microfiber towel is better for your natural hair. It dries the hair quick and safe without rubbing the hair to remove the water.

Favourite: DevaCurl Deva-Towel

Hair Applicator Bottle

A hair applicator bottle is useful to have on hand. It is great for shampooing, clay wash, hot oil treatments, etc. It allows you to focus on the root and the scalp giving you better control, less mess, and easy cleanup.

Shop Amazon for hair application bottle

Handheld Hair Steamer

A good quality hair steamer is a practical tool that adds moisture to the hair. Hair steamers lift the cuticle and strengthen the elasticity of the hair. It allows the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

I suggest the Q-Redew handheld hair steamer. This hair steamer is versatile! The Q-Redew steamer is good for reshaping, stretching, re-hydrating and deep conditioning. Great for storage space and travelling.

Favourite: Q-Redew Hand-held Steamer

Heat Cap

Heating caps are a great way for deep conditioning and hot oil treatments. It allows the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair’s cuticle. There are many kinds of heating caps available. From code-less and microwavable caps. It is a cheaper alternative for the hooded dryer and good for storage space. 

Favourite: Gold N Hot Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

Hairdryer Diffuser 

A hair diffuser is an attachment for a blow-dryer that is designed to distribute the airflow and spread it over a large area than focusing on one area.

A hair diffuser is not only for curly hair!

Diffusing is less damaging to our natural hair and prevents heat damage at minimal and for sure a safer alternative! It adds volume, gives boots to the curls, and maintains curls without the frizz.

There are many diffusers to choose from. Deva curl’s handheld diffuser is a charm! It dries the hair from the inside rather than outside. 

Favourite: DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment


Heat damage is a real issue when using a blow-dryer.

I recommend investing in a good quality professional ironic blow-dryer.

Engineered to protect the hair from heat damage. I use my ionic blow-dryer when I am on-the-run and on vacation but that’s once in a blue.

No matter the quality of the hairdryer always use low too medium on your setting.

Favourite: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


The two last tools but not least are my favourites! The hooded dryer and the waterproof wireless speaker. 

I will tell you why, but please bear with me. 

Welcome them! Drum roll…

Hooded Hairdryer

Master of Hair Tools!

A hooded hair dryer (indirect heat) is a safe and effective tool for drying your natural hair. Indirect heat is better! It dries the hair without getting into direct contact with the heat and is less prone to dryness and breakage.

A hooded dryer is a lifesaver for the winter months. It is a gamer changer! Hands down!

I highly recommend investing in good quality, ionic hooded dryer. I suggest getting a dryer with wheels which allows you to move around.

A hooded hair dryer cuts down the drying time. No more worrying about heat damage and wasting time drying your hair! I wear my hair 80% of the time in a wash and go hairstyle. Using products like gel makes it harder to dry my roots.

A regular blow-dryer (direct heat) dries the hair getting into close contact with your hair which increases the chance of breakage. Excessive use of direct heat can contribute to breakage and setback in your healthy hair journey.

Regardless, direct or indirect heat. I suggest using the lowest setting. 

The good old air-drying method is the safest way to dry our natural hair. Air drying is time-consuming. My roots never dry.

In the summer, I try to air dry more. 

I have procrastinated for a long time. Whether to buy a hooded dryer or not. My biggest excuse was the size and storage space! Do not make the same mistake!

When shopping for a hooded hairdryer. I suggest buying one with these features:

  • Ionic technology 
  • On / Off switch
  • Removable legs 
  • Adjustable bonnet and face shield 
  • Variable heat settings

Outstanding benefits of a hooded dryer

  • Dries hair faster 
  • Reduce frizz 
  • Flawless finished for many hairstyles like wash and go’s, braid outs, twist outs, roller sets, etc.
  • Stretch and volume to curls
  • Most benefits for deep conditioning and hot oil treatments

Are you convinced as yet?

Favourite: Gold N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer 

Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Wash day is the time to relax and pamper yourself and your natural hair! Wash days are not my favourite part of being natural. But music has helped me to wash my hair and have fun!

One of the best benefits of music is that it passes the time! Believe me, you will not even notice the time! You can make your wash days more enjoyable.

I recommend investing in a quality waterproof wireless speaker! 

 Favourite: Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


What is music? 

Music is an art!

Expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies. It can be vocal or instrumental sounds or both. Remember, music is frequency. So, be mindful of the music you listen too! Does it serve you any good? Are the lyrics positive?

Whatever works for you is what’s important. But be open to listening to different music.

Amazing Benefits of Music

  • Makes you happier
  • Relaxes the body and the mind 
  • Elevates mood
  • Uplifts the soul
  • Leads to self- awareness, and clarity

Music is a therapy to your soul!

Music is essential for my life. I cannot live without music! Music had healed me and brought positivity, awareness, and peace to my life.

I listen to many kinds of music, but my number one music is conscious reggae music, roots reggae. I write many of my articles while listening to music. 

I recommend binaural beats. Binaural beats have many benefits. The beats encourage relaxation, improve moods, and positivity.

Excellent for mindful meditation.

Or, you can make it more exciting. 

Listen to your favourite music, something that makes you dance. Be careful you do not slip and fall. Remember, you are in the shower. 

Side note: Stay away from fast beats music like Soca. *wink*

Relax your body and breathe! Be in the moment.


Hair tools are great investments! They are essential for our healthy natural hair journey. When using a new hair tool. It’s important to pay close attention to how your hair reacts. 

It is very important to clean your hair styling tools on a regular basis. Over time, they can become matted with dust even build-up from your hair products. 

Mix warm water and vinegar in a small container. Take your time to wipe them down. Cleaning your hair tools will help them work better and last longer!


What are your favourite hair tools? How much is too much to pay for a hair tool?

Have a question or comment? Please leave them below and I will be happy to help.




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  1. Jon

    These are all styling tools that you need if you are going to style people’s hair as a business. Personally I am not interested in styling as a business but I may use some tools such as a shampoo brush with  spray conditioner to make my hair fuller. Do you need all of these or are these just recommended?

    • Rebecca

      Greetings Jon,

      Tools are important to maintain a healthy hair regime. What is important is how and what you use them for. They are all recommendations for better managing any hair-care.

      Thank you

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